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If you long to earn a qualification in Italian cooking then there are a number of Italian cooking schools in Decatur IA 49064 who can help you achieve your goal. These schools in Decatur IA 49064 have courses ranging from the basics through to more advanced classes and they also cater for English speakers! However, there are many smaller schools in Decatur IA 49064 that are friendly and fun places to learn to prepare Italian cuisine.

Two of the world renowned Italian culinary schools are the International cooking school of Italian food and wine and The Italian Culinary academy.

The Italian Culinary Academy – This cooking school specializes in training people to become chefs in the art of Italian cooking. They have many different course options including a total immersion course which teaches you the language as well as the cuisine from New York to Italy! They also have a full time course that caters for learning that art of Italian cooking only.

International cooking school of Italian food and wine – Located in Bologna Italy, this cooking school focuses on cooking holidays. They specialize in small classes with professional chefs providing the tutoring. Classes are held in English and courses take place in historically listed buildings for an extra special experience!

There are, of course, many smaller and less well known cooking schools in Decatur IA 49064 that specialize in Italian food. They will still provide you with a quality learning experience in most cases

Learning Italian cooking is certainly an art in Decatur IA 49064, and to make the whole experience more enjoyable it pays to know a little about Italian culture. Food is a way of life in Italy, and you can learn how to make it an important part of yours. Just start looking up Italian cooking schools available in your area, abroad or online and you’ll soon begin making the meals you really enjoy.

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